Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another word for asshole

The joys of facebook. I posed a question to my 300+ friends yesterday. I asked if anyone had a good synonym for asshole. It was hilarious. The response was overwhelming. Everyone had great ideas and great suggestions. I have to tell you - my favorite was from my friend Joe who told me to use "Dupa" and that I could add "yash" if I really wanted to in order to enhance the vulgarity. "Dupa yash". It is Polish, and I know it is vulgar, but for some reason I'm really enjoying thinking about using it.

A couple of other great ones were: Donkey Crevice, Pig Vomit, Jackhole and then my other favorite - a dear friend who works for a very large technology company suggested using celebrities. Her celebrity synonym for asshole was "the situation".

Watch out for a short, cute woman at a technology company to refer to you as "the situation". She really is simply calling you an asshole. ;)

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